General Information
◆Fukusaki Municipal Kunio Yanagita and Matsuoka-ke Family Memorial Museum and Birthplace◆
【Museum Hours】 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
【Closed】 Monday (Open if Monday is a national holiday)
The day after national holidays (open when Saturday or Sunday)
December 28 – January 4
【Admission】 Free
【Motorcoach Parking Area】 2 buses (4 buses possible depending on the circumstances)
【Inquiries】 Fukusaki Municipal Kunio Yanagita and Matsuoka-ke Family Memorial Museum
1038-12 Nishitawara, Fukusaki-cho, Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo
TEL: +81-790-22-1000
【Transportation】 <By train>
30 min. walk from JR Bantan Line Fukusaki Station (Taxi available at Fukusaki Station)
<By car>
Approx. 5 min. from Bantan Renraku Road / Chugoku Expressway Fukusaki IC, or via National Route 312

Memorial Museum surrounded by cherry blossoms

Birthplace covered in snow

【Area Map】

◆Nearby Attractions◆
【Residence of the Miki Family of Village Officials】
 The Miki family, believed to be descendants of the lord of Aga castle, served as village officials of Himeji domain for generations, and played a central role in the region. With the building still retaining its original finish, the magnificent residence is a valuable cultural heritage that provides insight into the life of village officials at the time. The Miki family residence is a designated important cultural property of Hyogo Prefecture.
 Kunio Yanagita spent a year of his childhood in the care of the Miki family. Kunio writes that his experience of having freely read the many books collected in the Miki family’s library was the beginning of his developing a wide knowledge in his later years.

Miki Family of Village Officials website
【Suzunomori Shrine】
 Kunio Yanagita writes that he played inside the shrine with the stone-carved guardian dogs as a child.
 The bayberry tree mentioned in the poems of Michiyasu Inoue and Kunio Yanagita has been designated as a cultural property of the town (natural monument). In the  approach to the shrine, there is also an otamagaki (big fence) offered by Kanae Matsuoka and Kunio Yanagita.

【The Path to Academic Fulfillment】
 The path connects Suzunomori Shrine, where the patron deity of the brothers of Kunio Yanagita is housed, and Kitano Tenman shrine, where the god of scholarship Sugawara no Michizane is enshrined. It is said that one’s wish will be realized if one takes the path and visits the two shrines.

【Fukusaki Municipal Kanzaki County Museum of History and Folklore】
 The Museum uses the building that was built in 1886 as the Kanzaki-gun county office.
 A fine example of Meiji architecture and also superb as a cultural property, the building features a two-storied front door in the Greek architectural style. It is designated as an important cultural property of Hyogo Prefecture. The Museum displays historical and folklore materials related to Kanzaki-gun.

(Closed every Monday)Website of the Museum of History and Folklore
【Mochi Mugi no Yakata (House of Mochi Barley)】
 Savor Fukusaki-cho’s specialty, “Mochi Mugi noodles.”
 The noodles are rich-tasting and chewy with a distinctive flavor.
 Besides the noodles, sponge cakes, teas and other products using “Mochi Mugi,” and local products of Fukusaki-cho are sold. Ideal as gifts.

(Closed every Monday)Website of Mochi Mugi no Yakata
★Volunteer tour guide services are available for sightseeing around Tsujikawa. Please feel free to use the service. (Booking is necessary three weeks in advance.) Inquiries: Fukusaki Town Tourism Association (Inside Fukusaki Town Office Community Development Division) TEL: +81-790-22-0560 (extension 391)  Website
*The service may not be available on your desired date due to the tour guide’s schedule.
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