Eikyu Matsuoka(松岡映丘)
Born in 1881, Eikyu Matsuoka was the eighth son of the Matsuoka Family. Eikyu was Matsuoka’s second name, while his real name was Teruo. He was good at drawing from early childhood. After graduating from the Tokyo School of Fine Arts with a first class honors degree, he became a professor of his alma mater. He dedicated his life to the study and development of Japanese traditional painting and established the Shinko Yamato Association. He held great influence in the Japanese art world.

His long profession of the teaching fostered many talented people including Yasushi Sugiyama, Meiji Hashimoto, Kyujin Yamamoto and Tatsuo Takayama. He passed away in 1938 at the age of 58.

◆Museum Artifacts◆
1,200 sketches including “Migushiage (Hair Setting),” “Minister of the Right Sanetomo” and “Tea Garden View of Mount Fuji,”photographs, etc.

Sketch of “Minister of the Right Sanetomo”
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