Michiyasu Inoue(井上通泰)
Born in 1866, Michiyasu Inoue was the third son of the Matsuoka family. At the age of 12, he became the adopted son of Sekihei Inoue, a physician in Yoshita-mura, Jinto-gun (the current Minamitawara, Fukusaki-cho). He studied at Tokyo Imperial University Medical College and practiced ophthalmology.

He was well-versed in history and also well-known as a poet. Having wide-ranging exchanges with prominent persons such as Ogai Mori and Aritomo Yamagata, he was appointed as Imperial Court Council, member of the House of Peers, member of the Imperial Art Academy, and Yoriudo (officer of Outadokoro (Imperial Poetry Division). His numerous literary works include “New Observations on Manyoshu” and “New Observations on Ancient Reports of Harima Province.” He passed away in 1941 at the age of 76.

◆Museum Artifacts◆
“Harima no kuni Fudoki Shinko,” “Manyoshu Shinko,” “Nantenso Kashu (Poetry Collection of Nantenso),” “Meiji Tenno Gyoshu (The Poetry Collection of the Emperor Meiji),” manuscripts, photographs, letters, etc. “Nantenso Kashu”

Handwritten record book “Nantenso Kashu”
Picture of cover page drawn by Eikyu Matsuoka
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