Kanae Matsuoka(松岡鼎)
Born in 1860, Kanae Matsuoka was the eldest son of the Matsuoka family. He studied at a teacher’s college and became the head of Shobun Elementary School at the age of nineteen. Later, he went on to study at Tokyo Imperial University Medical College in a special course and became a physician. He practiced in Fusa-machi, Minamisoma-gun, Chiba Prefecture (the current Fusa, Abiko City, Chiba Prefecture). Serving as a member of the Higashi-katsushika-gun Council, president of the prefectural medical association, and mayor of Fusa, he also contributed greatly to local governments.

Kanae also raised his brothers from youth and continued to support them throughout his life. He passed away in 1934 at the age of 75.

◆Museum Artifacts◆
Handwritten record books made by the Tokyo Imperial University School of Medicine, photographs, etc.

Handwritten record books
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