Shizuo Matsuoka(松岡静雄)
Born in 1878, Shizuo Matsuoka was the seventh son of the Matsuoka family. He graduated from the Naval Academy with a first class honors degree and served on duty in both the Russo Japanese war and the attack against Germany during WWI. Assuming the posts of Staff of the Naval General Office and Chairperson of the Military History Editorial Committee, he was the leading linguistic scholar in the navy. He retired from office when promoted to captain.

After retirement, he pursued the study of linguistics and ethnology. Through his superior command of the languages, he was able to leave behind many achievements. His literary works include Dictionary of Archaic Japanese Words and Pacific Ethnography. He passed away in 1936 at the age of 59.

◆Museum Artifacts◆
“Nihon Kogo Daijiten,” “Kiki Ronkyu,” “Mikuroneshia Minzokushi (Ethnography of Micronesia),” “Kokugo to Minzoku Shiso (National Language and Ethnic Philosophy”
Photographs, telescope used during naval service, personal history of service, etc.

“Taiheiyo Minzoku shi (Pacific Ethnography)”
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